"Your friend Bouba is working over-time again, but it's not any job she enjoys doing. Who would, though; making Word templates for clients who prefer low-cost office solutions over fresh and creative designs is not exactly the glamorous life one would imagine for a designer trying to make a living in Berlin.
A small comfort would be to make her some noodles, but without any money on hand getting the ingredients *could* get a little bit less straightforward than usual.

You should sleep on it."

'Noodles' is a surreal puzzle adventure game about dreams, friendship, and of course noodles. Navigate through a sometimes intimidating and sometimes alluring Berlin to help piece together the perfect meal.

Created with Unity and written in C#.
With audiopieces by Marcel Herkelman.
Nominated at A.MAZE Berlin 2017.

Available on for Windows and Mac: 

Receive hints from your dreamstate consciousness...

... and apply them in the waking world

Traverse surreal minimalist architecture

Meet some grumpy locals

Dive into your friend’s past

Step through reality

And experience the city through new eyes.
all works copyright © 2023 Erwin Kho